Her first time competing she placed 1st place and won her Pro Card in the Bikini Competition Division. Dedication, healthy lifestyle, and hard work

When Mary told us she was going to compete in a bikini competition we were excited for her. We had no idea exactly what she was talking about, but nonetheless we all supported her. We watched her transformation over the weeks to come, as she dedicated herself to a healthy and clean lifestyle and prepared to compete in her first competition.

Her body building journey officially began several months ago. Although, for the past year Mary has been working out at a local cross fit gym. After some encouragement from others at the gym, she decided to enter a competition with the International Physique League. IPL is a “competitive fitness federation celebrating top “Natural”/drug-tested physiques”.

Determination and a little self-motivation is all it takes.

Mary began a healthy diet plan and intense workout regime in preparation for the competition. She went all in. Her diet consisted of a variety of clean foods, and required close attention to ensure that she was able to build the appropriate muscle mass. Her workouts were also carefully planned to target burning just the right amount of fat and building muscle in all the right places. She had the incredible task of balancing her prep with a full time job, family, boyfriend, and friends.

Hard work really does payoff.

I am proud to say that Mary not only learned the in’s and out of this physique sport, she became a professional at it- literally. During her first competition she placed 1st place and won her Pro Card in the Bikini Division. Talk about amazing results!

New IPL Bikini Pro, Mary Pagano! Mary Pagano was a KNOCKOUT at the 2016 IPL Midwest Metro in Madison, WI on Saturday July 30th! She just looked incredible. And every time she struck her signature pose (middle pic) you just could not take your eyes off of her. Wonderfully well-balanced and proportionate, spot-on conditioning and posing and presentation that was the epitome of IPL Bikini. Needless to say, Pagano landed the points she needed for the IPL PQ, and then some. With the look that Mary Pagano is bringing, she is more than ready to face off with the best of the IPL’s Bikini PROS. Michael Brooks Photography.

Michael Brooks Photography

Never would we imagine that Mary would compete in professional body building, and become a professional bikini competitor. But that’s the beauty of what she did.  She proved to herself that she can do anything she sets her mind to. Mary stepped out of her comfort zone in a sport she knew nothing about. She demonstrated a level of confidence and inner strength that many can’t even fathom. She set a positive example for her daughter, friends, and family. During the last year she has quietly motivated all us and probably doesn’t even realize it. Mary is proof that with hard work, determination, and self-motivation you really can accomplish anything.

Mary is going to take a break for a little while. Maybe have a donut, a burger, and just relax. But her first bikini competition won’t be her last. She plans to compete in more down the road and I can’t wait to see how well she does. Congratulations Mary on finding a new passion and job well done!

IPL PRO Mary Pagano! Photo taken onstage at the 2016 IPL Midwest Metro in Madison, WI on Saturday July 30th where Mary won her IPL Bikini PRO CARD. Michael Brooks Photography.

Michael Brooks Photography

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